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Basic Skincare Routine

UpCircle Cleansing Balm

Skincare can be an overwhelming place and it can be hard to know where to start, especially if you don't currently have any sort of skincare routine. This is a basic routine to get started with which you can build on overtime.

1. Cleansing

We should all be cleansing once in the morning and twice in the evening (the double cleansing method). Cleansing helps to balance the skin, remove any dirt and grime, and prepare your skin for serums and moisturisers. You could use the most expensive cream in the world but if you're applying it to a dirty face, you're really just wasting your money!

Cleansers come in many different forms - washes, foams, balms, creams, milks, oils. Generally speaking, dry and mature skin types prefer a cleaning balm, oil or cream, and oilier skin types prefer a wash. 

For your AM cleanse, depending on your skin type and your preference, you could use one of the face wash bars by Janni Bars (Satin is the most popular and most gentle), or the UpCircle Cleansing Balm, or Glow Circle Cleansing Oil. 

For your PM cleanse, you should cleanse twice (yes, even if you're not wearing makeup!). A cleansing balm or oil is perfect for your first cleanse to pull all the dirt and grime off, and for your second cleanse you can either use the same cleanser again, or use a face wash like the Janni face wash bars (mentioned above). 

2. Spritz

Using a spritz or toner after cleansing adds a boost of hydration, and helps your serums and moisturisers penetrate deeper. The UpCircle Hydrating Toner is a great all rounder, it contains Hyaluronic Acid which helps hydrate and plump the skin, Chamomile which soothes the skin, and Salicylic Acid which helps with breakouts and congestion. It also contains Mandarin Fruit Water which is clinically proven to protect the skin against inflammation.

UpCircle Hydrating Face Toner

3. Treatment Products

This is where you can use serums and moisturisers depending on your skin type and skin concerns. You can use the same products morning and night, but often people like to use something a bit more rich at night time. Here's some of our favourite combinations below for dry and mature skin and oily, combination skin. Always apply your treatment product onto damp skin for the best results!

Dry, Mature Skin

AM - Rejuvenating Face Balm , OR Soothe Facial Serum

PM - Nunaia Nourishing Radiance Serum, OR UpCircle Niacinimide Night Cream with UpCircle Hydrating Serum Oil on top, OR Hawthorn Rejuvenating Face Balm

Oily, Combination Skin

AM - Glow Circle 2-in-1 Serum Moisturiser, OR UpCircle Hydrating Face Moisturiser

PM - Janni Bars Honey Glow Face Balm, OR UpCircle Niacinimide Night Cream, OR Bodhi Blends Glow Drops Facial Serum

Nunaia Nourishing Radiance Serum

4. SPF

Everyone should be wearing SPF every day of the year, even when there is no sun! UVA rays are present 365 days of the year and they're the ones that cause premature ageing. UpCircle are launching their SPF very soon, but some of our own favourites are the Image SPF 32 and Skingredients Skin Shield.

5. Exfoliation (Once per week)

We should be exfoliating once per week, it gets rid of the dead skin cells and keeps our skin looking bright and glowy. It helps with congestion too as it takes away that dead layer of cells, so there's less chance of the pores becoming blocked. The Glow Circle Enzyme Polish is a great choice as it uses natural fruit enzymes to slough off dead skin cells, it's also gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin. Another favourite is the UpCircle award winning Coffee Facial Exfoliator made with repurposed coffee grounds and skin loving shea butter, coconut oil and jojoba oil.


To recap, AM skincare should include one cleanse, spritz, treatment product, SPF. PM skincare should include double cleanse, spritz, treatment product. One night per week exfoliate after your double cleanse. This routine should get you started, overtime you can add in extras like eye cream and face masks! 

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